Fellbach - Kappelberg

Not the usual "wine o'clock" this time, no drinking sparkling wine out of the bottle at the basement of your friends house at 3 am in the morning, it was time to suffer, not from sulfite, but from lactate! In the wine hills close to Stuttgart, speaking 25 laps, each of them 2,9 km with 1.750 m of climbing - ridiculous, yes, but also really nice from a photography point of view. I was around to document the race of Embrace The World Cycling and fell in love with the Kappelberg, its vine stocks and small alleys and roads in between. The weather was perfect with many clouds and changing light nearly every minute. See here my full set of photos and drop me a line if you need any. Many thanks for your attention and congratulations to every one who hit himself in the face, with a chair to finish this race! 

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