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09. August 2021
phots from the state championship (mountain) of Baden-Wuerttemberg 2021 in the beautiful wine region close to Stuttgart
24. October 2018
Hits the office at 5 am to take a 3 hour lunch brake to ride his bike, pulls three other kids 400 km across the alps, hardly seen at home (even by his roommates), but always up for sportive activities - Nils Brüggemann! As long as you're not challenging him at swimming you're probably going to lose... I had the chance to meet up with him to take some photos for his portfolio as he's after new sponsors for next years triathlon season. So if you fancy to support a fast and friendly guy, hit him...
25. September 2018
Last week I said "hi" to the lads from freisicht eyewear here in Freising to take some shots for their website and exhibition appearance. They introduced me to their visionary wooden glasses who are made out of one piece wood and not layered up like the rest of the market! I hope I never need glasses, but if... Make sure to see their website and Facebook!
25. February 2018
The image above is not really the point of view when cycling, but it shows the only other really interesting area (hall A6), besides the cycling area (hall B6) on this years - Die Reise- und Freizeitmesse in München Riem. In this area above you could find a lot of great outdoor activities such as climbing, windsurfing and kayaking for sure. There were also many brands where you were able to purchase the latest gear for you favorite sport activity or get a glimpse on 2018 trends. Great,...
31. December 2017
31. July 2016
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