Flèche du Sud
31. May 2022
I've been following the Flèche du Sud with my camera last week. Enjoy some of my photos of a demanding stage race here!
Tour Du Benin 2022
24. May 2022
Mostly photos of my time with Embrace The World following the Tour Du Benin 2022 from Natitingou back to the coast in Cotonou. A heartwarming and multifaceted country in Western Africa!
25. April 2022
One of the more beautiful races in Germany, Schönaich! A very selective course, fast and demanding racing guaranteed! See some of my photos of that very day!
04. April 2022
welcome to Switzerland, where data roaming is a thing and mountains are as serious as many people here! Photos of this years GP l'Echappée or GP Excelsior, no one knows...
Rad Bundesliga Bruchsal
28. March 2022
some of my favorite photos of the first round of this years Rad Bundesliga in Bruchsal
14. March 2022
photos of one of the first road bike races of the season 2022 in the north of Mulhouse in France
03. March 2022
portraits and outdoor photos of the teams latest team event in Freiburg
10. November 2021
One year ago I've just came back from Burkina Faso following the Tour du Faso, which is known for being the Tour de France of Africa - my friend Daniel Bichlmann, who won the tour in 2021, just asked me for some more photos of that astonishing two weeks in another world. Ive noticed that I never really told my story or showed my impressions of my adventure back then, so here you go!
18. October 2021
get together with the girls behind the label "grueneunschuld" to ride our bikes in the warm autumn sun in the south go Munich
12. September 2021
photos of this years race around the lake in Niedersonthofen, Allgäu

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