the Geigelsteig confusion

...or why it isn't always the best idea to trust strava heat maps! Last week I decided to go all the way up some random mountain to be able to look into a valley. Simple idea and with me living close to the alps at the moment also a easy task, seemingly. I checked google image search and decided to take a ride to a place called Geigelsteig as it wasn't that far away.

I planned a route real quick and rode towards the alps. On top of the mountain is the Wührstein-Alm what I planed to reach, but somehow I don't... On the top left you see the calculated route by strava and on the top right the actual way I took... on the very top of this post you'll find a image of the situation there - hopeless.. I found myself on a super steep ridge after walking 200m of altitude carrying my bike on my shoulders and there was no way down. A bit wasted I decided to find another way, but I didn't. At the end I found myself walking around for a couple of hundred meters with no idea where to go. After being really lost for an hour I found a super small and narrow path down to a town close to the mountain. Still took some photos to share but im not going to plan a route with strava again (maybe).