cycling spring

As spring is slowly rolling in, there wasn't much time for some blog updates lately as I spend most of my free time on the bike instead of typing words and letters. But who cares about reading blog posts these days anyway? I don't really have a important message I couldn't also tell with my camera... meet wonderful people and spend time with them outside (no matter if you're cycling or not!), thats pretty much it! 


With this blog post I want to share my favorite cycling moments of the last weeks with you:

climbing the south with Markus from Berlin
climbing the south with Markus from Berlin

Velosoph Freising - dropbar Ingolstadt - Eddy would attack Nürnberg

Roadbike-Opening by Velosoph

Nightride by dropbar bikes and coffee

Velosoph Demo Day with 3T Bikes, PedAL ED and Fi'zi:k

and more...

Thanks to everyone involved!