how to scratch 3 easy steps!

Step 1 - go and start something! Without starting anything there is nothing to scratch. As you're not going to scratch a afternoon on the sofa, your plan should contain something unrealistic or maybe even stupid. A good example is going on a 250 km bike trip during winter in southern germany, what meant -12°C and ice cold wind. 

Step 2 - plan and prepare efficient (not)! This could mean: no winter clothing, many useless stuff like your favorite and ultra heavy track pants, no thermo water bottles (so you have some nice crushed ice on the go after just 30 minutes of riding), a route that could have been planned by a muppet with a spontaneous lack of street in the middle of nowhere and many other things. The only efficient thing was the use of the Apidura backcountry saddle pack and the top tube pack. 

Step 3 - scratch it! Finally we're at the point where we can get off the bike and take the next train home! From now on you can go and start complaining about nearly everything possible and not related to yourself. From strong headwinds, poor street conditions or bad weather in general, you name it. Overall it doesn't even have to be winter - you can blame to hot conditions or leafs on the road as easy as the cold winter temperatures.


Important is only to start something! 


After a successful day 1 with around 110 km and decent temperatures around -6°C, I scratched my ride from Erding to Bodensee in Kempten on day 2 after 2:40 hours of riding and -12°C outside temperature. But I just wait for some warmer conditions to try it again!

GoPro 4 + iPhone 6s